Our annual catch-up with the CBC boys was our first event celebrated in our 150th year. CBC boys from all generations joined us in the Emmanuel Centre to catch-up with classmates over a drink. It is always wonderful to see all the boys reconnect as they run into an old friend they have not seen in years, or regale each other in tales of the school yard.

We were also very grateful to welcome back Paul Tobias, who was Deputy Principal during the final years of CBC and the early years of Emmanuel College. His speech reflected on his days in Warrnambool, particularly noting the work and unforgettable characters of past principal Br John Wright, and staff Br Tuck, John Hingston and Paul Glynn. His moving account of his career beyond Warrnambool, had the audience in quiet awe.

We loved welcoming many first timers to this year’s Catch-Up, but each year it is the effort of Brian “Shrimp” Kermond that impresses us the most. Brian, who attended CBC during the 40’s, does the round trip from Melbourne just to be there - You’re a legend Brian!

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