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Reunions are a great way for past students to see and experience how school friendships stand the test of time. When each of us leave school and head off in our own directions, some friendships stay closely connected, while others unintentionally drop away. At reunions, the opportunity to reconnect allows for these relationships to reignite over many laughs on the happenings of our school days.

Emmanuel College encourages and supports each year level to hold a reunion in their milestone years. (ie 10 years since the year level finished school). In 2022 Emmanuel College offers support to:

Class of 2012 - 10 Year Reunion
Class of 2002 - 20 Year Reunion
Class of 1997 - 25 Year Reunion
Class of 1992 - 30 Year Reunion
Class of 1982 - 40 Year Reunion
Class of 1972 - 50 Year Reunion

And beyond the 50 year mark!

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