When you became a student of St Ann’s, CBC Warrnambool or Emmanuel College, you became a member of a positive and supportive community of lifelong learners. A diverse community of students, families, staff, alumni and friends who are connected as one.

We all finish school and head off in different directions, but returning to our educational home helps us to feel grounded to something that is greater than us as individuals.

Our Logo

The Emmanuel Alumni logo is a unique emblem representing the alumni of St Ann’s, CBC and Emmanuel. Elements from each school’s individual identity have been visually represented, coming together to make a perfect circle. The circle represents wholeness, inclusion, unity and timelessness. The strong A is for Alumni, which describes all past students.

While the past of our College is represented by the elements of the CBC and St Ann’s logos the Emmanuel red colour symbolises the future. To further express that the three schools are united, we have included the words connected as one.

The word alumni means past student.

To be an alumni of Emmanuel College, means you attended either St Ann’s College, St Joseph’s CBC, or Emmanuel College for any part of your schooling.

There is no minimum number of years that you need to have attended to be considered an alumni of Emmanuel College. You needn't have completed Year 12, you just need to have attended the school at some point of your education.

What is my Class of Year?

The Class of Year is the name given to each year level of students. For example the Class of 1998.

The year chosen is based on the year that the year level graduated from secondary school. So it doesn’t necessarily mean the year you left school.

You can work out your ‘Class of’ year by working out what year the group of students you went through school with, graduated from school. Depending on which era you attended school, this could have been called your Year 12 VCE, HSC, or Matriculation year.

For example, if you left school in Year 10 in 1986 to do an apprenticeship, you would be a part of the Class of 1988. This is because 1988 was the year your classmates finished their HSC. You are part of the same group.

For students that repeated a year of their schooling, this means that they belong to more than one Class of Year.

I’ve heard that past students are inducted as alumni - does this mean I need to be inducted to be an alumni?

No. You became an alumni of Emmanuel College from the day you finished your schooling at either St Ann’s College, St Joseph’s CBC, or Emmanuel College.

Some of our alumni are inducted as Inspiring Alumni. This is one way Emmanuel College recognises the work, achievements and contribution to the community of our alumni.

These inductions take place every other year at our Evening of Inspiration, and nominations for the honour can be submitted by anyone at any time.

Inspiring Alumni

Do you have a classmate that should be recognised?

The Emmanuel Alumni Network is a voluntary working group of alumni who help guide our alumni programming, aiming to foster the lifelong connection between alumni and their alma mater.

All generations of Emmanuel College alumni are represented by:

ChairBen WalshEmmanuel Class of 2005
Vice ChairShannon Rea (Monk)St Ann’s/Emmanuel Class of 1993
Kevin ChillerCBC Class of 1967
Geraldine Melican (Gleeson)St Ann’s Class of 1976
Robert LaneCBC Class of 1982
Jess KellyEmmanuel Class of 2014
SecretaryCandice HampsteadAlumni Coordinator

If you have suggestions you would like the Emmanuel Alumni Network to consider - send them through! Email: [email protected]