We would like to sincerely thank our generous supporters including parents, staff and Alumni who have shared in our vision of providing an opportunity for all to experience an Emmanuel education. Through your generosity we have been in a position to award 13 more Scholarships in 2023.  
When we remove the barriers that prevent students joining our School, we empower these students to discover their strengths and fulfil their potential.  With the opportunities and support that help them to thrive academically and personally, these young people can go on to make a positive impact as leaders in their communities who inspire others to reach for excellence.
You can donate today and create opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of future students and their families as shared by Alumni, Stephen Hogan below. 

Thank you!

The Creating Opportunities Scholarship Appeal has this year reached its target with your help. We sincerely thank you for your generosity. Together we are building on 150 years of community generosity – shaping the future for our young people.

Principal’s Invitation to Create Opportunities

"In my ten years as Principal at Emmanuel College, I’ve seen many talented young people thrive with the help of our scholarship program"

I am so grateful for the generosity of this community which allowed Emmanuel College Warrnambool to increase the number of life-changing scholarships for students in need this year.

Someone who can speak to the impact of your support is Stephen Hogan, a primary school teacher and father of three who won a scholarship to attend Emmanuel many years ago. Stephen still remembers his parent’s elation and relief at learning half of his school fees from Year Seven to Nine would be covered. He told us:

“With four kids at the school, it was a real help for mum and dad financially. It was also a reward for me, for striving to win that scholarship.”

It was at Emmanuel that Stephen formed lifelong friendships and found a passion for teaching that he has since turned into a career. Through the support of a generous community, Stephen was able to take this opportunity enabling his academic and personal growth to shape his life for the better.

In the current economic climate there are so many challenges a growing number of Warrnambool families face, especially as cost-of-living pressures intensify. That’s why I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who donated to bring more scholarships to talented students requiring support across our community.

This year, will you join with us to again support a new generation of deserving high schoolers?

Please make a tax-deductible scholarship gift by 30 June to help another student like Stephen overcome financial barriers and access an Emmanuel education.

You can donate safely and securely online by clicking the 'Donate Now' button and learn more about the Hogan family and the Creating Opportunities Appeal below.

If you have any questions about the Emmanuel College Scholarship program, or the impact you can make, please contact Alison Byrne, Foundation Executive Officer, on 0488 254 007 or [email protected].

Alternatively, if you would like to know more about the fee relief that Emmanuel offers, please call me at the college on 03 5560 0824.

Thank you for your wonderful support and for being a proud member of our Emmanuel College community.

Kind regards,

Peter Morgan


PS. Without scholarship support, many bright students across our community may be robbed of their chance of a life-enriching Emmanuel education. Will you please consider a tax-deductible gift of by 30 June to transform the life of another student like Stephen?

My Emmanuel College Story

“When I was in grade six, there was an Emmanuel scholarship program that financially supported half of the fees for the first three years of my secondary schooling and I just remember mum and dad being really excited because it was a real help for them financially with four kids at the school".

Jack and Max are twin brothers, and the third generation of Hogans to be a part of the Emmanuel educational legacy.

Their mum Renae came from St Ann's College, after it merged with St Joseph's Christian Brothers' College to create Emmanuel College in 1991. Renae’s mum was also a St Ann’s student.

Their dad Stephen followed in the footsteps of his dad, who was a proud Christian Brothers’ College Alumni. But Stephen credits a scholarship for making his own college education possible.

“I remember mum and dad being really excited. It was a real help for them financially with four kids at the school. And the feeling of achieving the scholarship made me feel a little bit successful as I was just starting secondary school,” Stephen said.

At Emmanuel, Stephen made lifelong friends and found the inspiration for his later career path.

"The teachers were really supportive and promoted a positive, safe environment that made our academic success all the more positive. That's where I developed my passion for teaching."

Today, Stephen is seeing his two boys thrive at Emmanuel, just as he did. And his daughter, Lily, is excited to continue the family tradition when she starts high school next year.

That’s why Stephen and Renae donate to scholarships, to give other children the educational opportunities that have been so important to their family.

Stephen said, "When you see your own kids coming through, and the benefit they're having, giving that opportunity to other children is rewarding.

I also feel it just leads to a more inclusive community. You're not saying no to students based on how much money they have. You're supporting as many people as possible, and that makes our community more inclusive and diverse."

“I love the opportunities we have at this school. Everyone, no matter what they like, have options for subjects they can enjoy”. – Max Hogan, a third-generation Emmanuel student

Our scholarship program reflects the Emmanuel commitment to inclusion and diversity, by breaking down financial barriers and creating opportunities for students across Warrnambool and the wider region.