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Years 10 to 12

Each student at the McAuley Campus is considered a senior student who is undertaking a three-year journey of personal growth. Every student is invited to step up and become a self-aware learner who owns their learning and determines their pathway to the future. The vertical nature of the Senior School allows students from the three year levels to learn together and provides opportunities to accelerate through a range of subjects according to each student's personal pathway plan.

Emmanuel College offers a broad range of VCE subject choices. A typical VCE pathway will see students undertake seven unit 1-2 sequences whilst in Year 11 and a further five unit 3-4 sequences while in Year 12. Opportunities to accelerate, to reduce the number of units completed or extend the time taken to complete a VCE program are available to all senior students in consultation with their House Mentors.

Emmanuel students are offered a full range of options including VET, VCAL and Australian School-based Apprenticeships.

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a senior secondary qualification equivalent to the VCE designed to increase the pathway opportunities for young people. VCAL prepares students for further studies in vocational education, training and employment. It provides individual learning programs based on student's interests and strengths and is focused on the practical application of work skills. VCAL is a great fit for students who wish to pursue a vocational pathway or hands-on style of learning. VETis, comprises VCE VET units delivered by a registered training organisation such as a TAFE or school and enhanced by an employer accepting a student one day a week (VCAL students) or a block release during term holidays (VCE students) for structured workplace learning. After completing the program, students are awarded a nationally accredited vocational certificate that leads to further education and training at TAFE through pathway agreements.

Emmanuel College also considers breadth in subjects for students who need to challenge their learning pathways. These programs may include balancing a language with a higher level maths, which since 2014 is recognised by VCAA as the VCE Baccalaureate. This combination of studies equips students with higher order thinking skills and knowledge, developing capacity for innovation and creativity in problem-solving.

For those who are ready to take on a higher level of studies, the option to commence accelerated University programs is available. Programs are determined annually in consultation with students who are ready to begin their university pathway and by negotiation with tertiary providers. For example, the University of Melbourne has previously delivered the University of Melbourne Mathematics Extension Program to students attending Emmanuel College.

VCAL Dux - Justin Glennen

Our VCAL Dux of the College, Justin Glennen studied his VCE in Year 11 but decided to change direction, opting to complete VCAL and VET to try and find other paths.

Justin was also the recipient of the South West TAFE Outstanding VET in Schools Award.