Rice Rally - Feb 23

Join the Emmanuel College community for a fun day celebrating the fundraiser launch for the Edmund Rice Centre. Watch as Warrnambool's sporting legends go head-to-head in a basketball showdown against Emmanuel College students, all for a good cause. Participate in activities, see student project displays, and see Inspiring Alumni co-hosts Jonathan Brown, Gorgi Coghlan and host Rookie take to the airwaves on Coast FM. BOOK HERE!



Uniting our College as a single-campus school

Emmanuel College in 2022 made one of the most significant changes in the school’s history, having made the decision to consolidate its operations onto a single campus - the McAuley Campus in Botanic Road. 

This decision follows an extensive review of the College Masterplan and a feasibility study to identify the option with the greatest long-term benefit for the College and the most positive impact upon student learning and safety.

The consolidation of year levels at the McAuley Campus was one of the most significant and exciting projects undertaken in the school’s history. The move has been transformative in the process of constructing a new and innovative Year Nine Learning Centre to complement the dedicated junior and senior schools that began operating in 2022. All students will be housed on the one site, removing the need for anyone to travel between two campuses for lessons.
Peter Morgan - Principal

Next Stage of Construction for Emmanuel College Year 9 Learning Centre 

Emmanuel College is thrilled to announce the next construction phase has begun for the state-of-the-art Edmund Rice Centre.

The College marked the official start with a symbolic turning of the soil in Term 3 for the impressive Year 9 Learning facility, a $16 million dollar project accommodating up to 250 students.

The facility is taking shape at the rear of McAuley Campus, adjacent to Mercy Place, in collaboration with architects at Baldasso Cortesse and Nicholson Construction.

The Edmund Rice Centre is pivotal in the College's forward-thinking one-campus approach, uniting students and staff onto one campus, which is slated to be fully operational by the start of the 2025 academic year.

Emmanuel College Principal, Peter Morgan, emphasises that the Edmund Rice Centre represents the largest and most extensive project in the College’s 151-year history.

“The development of the Edmund Rice Centre will facilitate the remaining consolidation of the Emmanuel Staff and Students to the one campus from 2025, and provide an exciting, contemporary learning environment reflecting the diverse approaches to learning the 9@RICE Program constitutes.

“I am extremely grateful for the work of College Business Manager Stephen Kerr, and the support of the College Building and Finance Committees and their expert advice that helps us plan and undertake these projects,” Peter said.

Designed to cater to the unique requirements of the 9@RICE program, this facility boasts adaptable science labs, versatile classrooms, and breakout learning spaces for the program curricula Wisdom, Communication, and Exploration. Encouraging collaborative learning, interdisciplinary studies, and critical thinking, these zones create dynamic engagement between educators and students. The auditorium within the centre serves as a hub for year-level assemblies and presentations. This sense of unity and camaraderie is supported by a full-size indoor sports court.

The facility will also house a food technology kitchen, art classroom, materials technology space and advanced media/communications room. The Outdoor learning courtyards will also provide flexible spaces for students to connect with nature, express creativity, and collaborate.

We're eagerly looking ahead to updating the community with the latest progress on this exciting new hub for the innovative Year 9 Learning Program. 

The development of the Edmund Rice Centre will facilitate the remaining consolidation of the Emmanuel Staff and Students to the one campus from 2025, and provide an exciting, contemporary learning environment reflecting the diverse approaches to learning the 9@RICE Program constitutes.
Peter Morgan - Principal

Collectively, these changes enable Emmanuel College to become the leading dynamic educational provider within the region that it aspires to be. 

The consolidation of facilities on one site enables the College to deliver an exciting, first-class learning experience that will best meet the future needs of all students throughout their secondary school journey.

The College is confident the project will be delivered with minimal disruption to staff and students. The goal is to complete the relocation and consolidation of all school operations on to one campus by the end of 2024, subject to the finalisation of budgets, design concepts and planning approvals. 

It is hoped the relocation of all students to the McAuley Campus will occur as the 2025 school year commences.

The commitment to proceed with this project has been carefully considered and planned over an extensive period of time, and follows a comprehensive feasibility study undertaken by an independent architect as well as close consultation with the Parish, which has owned the site since 1914.

The Parish has enjoyed a close and active relationship with Emmanuel College and, given the importance of the decision, there has been extensive discussion and analysis of the options by both the School and Parish. 

The result, a commitment to consolidate the College onto one campus, is a shared decision between the College and the Parish. Both parties agree the decision will deliver exceptional educational and stewardship benefits to both the School and the wider Catholic communities.

As we embark upon this exciting journey, we will engage with the School community to answer questions and we will provide regular updated information about the project.

New Learning Structure 

In 2022 we celebrated 150 years of education on the site now known as Emmanuel College. The College also brought in changes to the College structure designed to have a positive impact on student learning:

  • Year 9 students begun a new and engaging course, 9@RICE, which has been specially developed to meet the unique needs of Year 9 students. Teachers have long recognised Year 9 is an absolutely critical year for students and that Year 9 students have distinct learning needs. Entirely traditional ways of teaching do not always successfully engage the majority of Year 9 students or meet their needs. an acronym for: Resilience, Innovation, Community and Exploration. The aim is to provide an engaging and holistic program where students are motivated to drive their own education and pursue areas that interest them in an in-depth way.

  • Year 10 students joined Years 11 and 12 to form the Senior School in vertical, House-based groups. Students from these year levels may access classes and will join Mentor Groups together, rather than being locked into traditional horizontal year levels. With the distinction between year levels removed, Homeroom Teachers are replaced with House Mentors who provide stability and support for students on their three-year journey until they complete their Emmanuel College education.

  • Year 7 students joining the Emmanuel College community in 2022 had their transition to secondary education made even easier. The Goold Centre, located on the Hopetoun Road side of the McAuley Campus is now a learning centre for Years 7 and 8 only. Although Emmanuel is a large school with all of the choices that a large school brings, with a dedicated junior learning centre it is possible to maintain that small school feel that eases the transition from a small primary school to a larger learning environment. Year 7 and 8 students have their own place within our community and their own specific outdoor play areas, with: handball courts, outdoor table tennis tables, a range of super-sized outdoor games, basketball courts and a Challenger Course planned.

The new learning structure in 2022 has been supported by the redesign and expansion of the McAuley Campus Library, which was officially opened in May 2021 and the building of a new Science precinct in 2021. Work is now complete in developing and expanding the Science precinct, with six laboratories, four classrooms and multiple, flexible learning and gathering spaces. The area below the Science Centre has also been expanded to provide a gathering space with tiered seating, cafe seating and study booths for those who prefer to study or collaborate in a less quiet environment than the Library.