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Principal: Peter Morgan

Deputy Principal: Michael Wrigley

Assistant Principal - Students: Claire Wrigley

Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching: Justin Houlihan

Sr Sylvia Williams RSM

Georgina Smith

Em. Prof. Anne Hunt OAM FACE

Karen Jongebloed

Maria McGarvie

Mary Retel

Jeff Thorne

Tony Wheeler OAM GAICD

Director of Faith and Mission: Helen Hodson

Social Justice & Service Coordinator: Jacinta Skilbeck

Environment & Sustainability Coordinator: Joseph Alderuccio

Director of Goold: Karen Hetherington

Year 7 Coordinator: Annabelle Morton

Year 7 Community Leader: Dan Weymouth

Year 8 Coordinator: Justin Marris

Year 8 Community Leader: Carina McCosh

Director of [email protected]: Josie Monro

[email protected] Student Coordinator: Glen Martin

[email protected] Program Coordinator: James Laidler

Director of McAuley: Shane Smith

Head of Egan House: Ben Woonton

Head of Maguire House: Sean Fitzgibbon

Head of McAuley House: Donna Macpherson

Head of Rice House: Ben Nelson

VCAL Coodinator: Rebecca Down

Director of Learning: Simone Rolfe

Literacy Coordinator: Catherine Ryan

Creative Arts: Natasha Cummings

English & Public Speaking: Catherine Ryan

Health, Physical Education: Ben Walsh

Humanities: Peter Morton

Languages: Julia Smith

Maths: Richard Hodson

Performing Arts: Megan Davies

Religious Education: Brigid Foard

Science: Suzie Wellens

Technology: Ben McKenzie

Student Pathways & Careers Leader: David Gladman

Duke of Edinburgh Award: Glen Martin

ICT Manager: Sam Phayer

Instrumental Music Coordinator: Megan Davies

Library Coordinator: Margaret Sinnott

Learning Diversity Leaders: Stacey Baker & Chamon Vogels

Learning Support and Early Intervention: Andrea Lane

Sports Coordinator: Alistair Templeton

Student Leadership: Leah Kermeen

Student Wellbeing Coordinator: Rachele Sloane

Timetabler: James Byrne

Business Manager: Stephen Kerr

Director of Human Resources: Shirley Errey

College Organiser: Jason Moloney

Principal's Assistant: Suzanne Dwyer

Foundation Executive Officer: Alison Byrne

Registrar: Jo-Anne Nelson

Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator: Montanna Macdonald

Alumni Coordinator: Candice Hampstead

Home Liaison Coordinator: Caroline Garner