Rice Rally - Feb 23

Join the Emmanuel College community for a fun day celebrating the fundraiser launch for the Edmund Rice Centre. Watch as Warrnambool's sporting legends go head-to-head in a basketball showdown against Emmanuel College students, all for a good cause. Participate in activities, see student project displays, and see Inspiring Alumni co-hosts Jonathan Brown, Gorgi Coghlan and host Rookie take to the airwaves on Coast FM. BOOK HERE!



At Emmanuel we work together to create a culture and an environment that values and promotes all aspects of health and wellbeing, where students are nurtured to develop the skills and capabilities they need to flourish and can be Fit4Life. 


The Emmanuel College community flourishes out of the core shared values, Faith, Hope and Love, where the impact of the individual on the whole is acknowledged as being as important as the impact of the whole on the individual As a learning community, the college recognises that positive health and wellbeing are integral to lifelong success and achievement and as such promises and promotes the development of individual and group capacity and capabilities key to wellbeing. 

The college understands wellbeing as the pursuit and experience of positive health across physical, mental, social, cognitive and spiritual domains that allows for the development and expression of capacity and capabilities that allow the individual and the community to flourish. It is a positive state in which every individual realises their own abilities and potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, gain a sense of purpose and contribute to their community. 

As a faith-based community, the college recognises the importance of spiritual health and wellbeing as a key protective factor and core strength in bringing people together, growing a sense of belonging, wonder and greater purpose.


School TV

SchoolTV is a wellbeing resource implemented at our school to help support you in the challenges of modern-day parenting relating to youth mental health and wellbeing. Parenting is a learning journey and SchoolTV supports families by providing credible information from trusted sources with practical strategies to help alleviate some of the challenges being faced by young people today.

Watch video interviews with leading wellbeing specialists and browse a library of resources. Each topic is accompanied by factsheets, podcasts, books, articles, apps and other videos.