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Michelle Ferris

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About Michelle Ferris

Michelle Ferris was the sensation of the Australian cycling team at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. In addition to her stunning Silver medal at the 1996 Olympic Games, Michelle also won medals at two Junior World Championships; a Silver medal at the 1994 Commonwealth Games and bronze medals in the 500 metre time trial at the 1995 and 1996 (senior) World Championships.

In 1997, Michelle won Silver in both the Sprint and 500m time trial and followed up with another Silver medal in the Individual Sprint and a Bronze in the 500m time trial at the 1998 World Championships.

Under the direction of National and Australian Institute of Sport sprint coach Gary West, and national team coach Charlie Walsh, Michelle proved very competitive at the elite world circuit level - a fact reinforced by her Silver medal winning performance at the 1999 World Championships. Michelle's second consecutive Silver medal at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games confirms her as one of Australia's premier cyclists and Olympians.

Other Career Highlights :Silver Medal Sydney 2000; Women's Sprint 1st sprint, Australian Titles Sydney NSW (2000); 1st 1 mile Derby US Women's Open Trexlertown USA (2000) Olympic Selection - Sydney 2000 Four Time National Sprint Title Holder Australian Track Cycling Champion (2000) ; World Championships (1999) Silver Medal ; 1st 500m Time Trial Australia Titles Perth WA (1999) ; World Championships (1998) Silver Medal; World Championships, Perth (1997) 2 Silver medals; World Cup Circuit (1997) 1st 500m Time Trial (World Cup round 10) 1st Sprint (World Cup round 3) ; Australian Championships (1997) 2 Gold medals - sprint final/500m time trial ; Atlanta Olympic Games (1996) Silver Medal - Women's sprint, Bronze Medal - 500m time trial ; Australian Women's Championships (1995) 2 Silver Medals - Sprint/500m time trial