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Dr Rosalie Boyce

inducted 2009 Science

About Dr Rosalie Boyce

Dr Rosalie Boyce is internationally recognised for her expertise on the management and organisation of the allied health professions.

Author of over 100 papers in academic and professional books, journals and conferences, Rosalie has adopted a comprehensive longitudinal research perspective over nearly two decades to investigate how these professions are reshaping themselves in the face of significant health workforce reform agendas. Rosalie has a rich and varied background which enables her to bring powerful insights and innovative leadership into the workforce reform arena generally, and specifically in the specialist niche of the allied health professions.

Dr Boyce has five University Degrees (B.Sc., Grad. Dip Dietetics, Grad. Dip Health Admin., M. Bus. and PhD) and practiced for 10 years as a health professional and department manager before commencing her research career. She also conducted a private practice to corporate clients and worked as a freelance journalist for The Age newspaper in Melbourne on health issues, as well as serving several terms in senior executive roles in the industrial relations arena.

Dr Boyce has an appointment at the University of Queensland, Australia. Dr Boyce is also a Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Executives.