Dave Hughes

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About Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes was the Dux of the College in his final year at CBC and was a keen sportsman who represented the College and the old Collegians in football. After leaving school, Dave studied Commerce at Deakin University. Two years later he dropped out and after spending time in a variety of ‘dead end' jobs and periods of unemployment, Dave moved to Melbourne in the mid nineties and his career took off.

It was at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 1999 that Dave was forced to move from a tiny upstairs city bar into a 300-seat room at the Melbourne Town Hall. Word had started to spread about this laid back guy from Warrnambool. Since 1999 the word has spread even further and Hughesy has become one of the biggest and most popular names in Australian stand up comedy. He has regularly hosted and performed on shows such as the Glasshouse, Before the Game and Rove Live and the 7PM Project, along with co-hosting the Logie Awards. Dave has concurrently enjoyed a successful radio career on Nova and Triple M.

An ARIA Award winner, Dave has released comedy CD's and DVDs and has performed live shows around the country and internationally.

Dave Hughes has been described as one of the most important and significant talents to have ever emerged from the Australian comedy scene.
The most powerful testimony to Dave's talent is his enduring popularity with audiences. He has become one of the highest selling Australian comedy acts and one of our best-known entertainers.