Instrumental Music

Music for all

Emmanuel College has established an exciting Music Area over the past five years. Extensive development in the building, resources and programs all combine to create a space where students with a keen interest in music, be that from the very beginner stages, through to advanced study and industry level performance, can develop and refine their craft. It is an area unlike any other in the College and is alive with activity all through the week. 


In Year 7 Music all students learn musical instruments in a class band program. This highly successful program provides a rich experience in music for students of all interest and ability levels.  The College provides all instruments and associated costs are covered within the existing school fees, so there is no additional cost to parents for this program. 


Students learn a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument in a class band setting and in small groups from specialised instrumental tutors. For those students who make good progress and show particular enthusiasm, invitations are extended to play in various ensembles and bands as part of the co-curricular program to further extend their learning.


An enquiry by the Victorian Parliament (2013) into the extent, benefits and potential of music education in Victorian Schools found that, in addition to the intrinsic value of learning music, music education can have many other benefits for students, including:

  • enhanced student engagement and wellbeing 
  • increased personal and social development  
  • increased fine motor skills Increased ability to work within a team 
  • establishing higher order coordination skills contributing to learning in other subject areas through the development of abstract thinking processes


The benefits to the human brain of learning music have been known for a long time. There is evidence that making music actively engages the brain’s synapses and increases the brains’ capacity. Students who learn music can significantly improve their outcomes in mathematics, reading and other skills.  Introducing instrumental music as a core subject provides a huge benefit to students and to student outcomes.  


Once the fundamental skills in music reading and performance are established in Year 7, Years 8, 9 and 10 provide students with greater opportunity to explore all styles of music and focus on their voice or instrument of choice. Contemporary music is well supported through these years and is becoming an increasingly popular area for students to focus on. The college has a highly regarded VET VCE program for contemporary music and this is supported through the senior classes.



Emmanuel College has long been the school of choice for senior music students from around the district with students from seven secondary schools enrolling in Emmanuel’s highly regarded VET VCE Music course. In the past two years the program delivered at Emmanuel has seen exceptional achievement from a number of students who have achieved perfect 50 subject study scores and been invited to perform in the VCAA TOP CLASS performances for the highest achieving students in Victoria at the Melbourne Recital Centre.


The year begins with a camp to bring all of the students together to start their year with a common goal. Performance skills on voice or instrument are refined and developed to an industry standard.


Students undertaking this course obtain an ATAR score for VCE as well as an industry level Certificate III in Music Industry performance.


Emmanuel students may also complete VET Music Industry Sound Production and gain nationally accredited qualifications, and a pathway to a career in the recording and live sound area in the music industry.



Emmanuel students with a passion for music and drama have a wealth of opportunities to participate and perform, both at school and in the wider community through a range of co-curricular groups and activities. These include:

  • Senior Concert band
  • Junior Concert Band
  • Stage Band
  • Contemporary Bands program
  • Flute ensemble
  • Emmanuel Singers Choir
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Saxophone Ensemble 
  • College Musical production
  • Voice Choir (choral speaking)



All students from Years 7-12 are invited to audition and join this real-life music industry experience project developed by Emmanuel College. Students with an interest in song-writing and developing original material, record their songs in a professional recording studio in Melbourne, produce a CD or record and star in an album launch concert.