High Performance Training Program

The High Performance Training Program is a new program that was introduced at Emmanuel College in 2018. The Health and Physical Education Faculty identified a need to cater for our high performing athletes (including dancers) in the College and to create pathways to tertiary scholarships and professional careers.

This specialised strength and conditioning program has a focus on improving strength (core strength, flexibility, speed/agility and nutrition) and is facilitated by experienced Emmanuel College staff over two weekly sessions.  
The program provides exposure to more advanced training practices that may not be practical in a regular class setting. The sessions are held before and after school, with the early morning session including the provision of a healthy breakfast.

Benefits include:

Opportunity to develop specific areas of need relevant to your own sport (eg. speed, strength, power).
Curriculum links to Unit 1-4 Physical Education (training programs, biomechanics, energy systems)
Scholarships at universities (American Colleges)

What types of athletes will benefit from this program?

Athletes from ANY sporting background

Students from Years 8-12

Sample training session

Warm up (cardio based - spin bikes) – 5 minutes
Foam rolling major muscle groups – 5 mins
Dynamic warm up – 5 mins
Activation / core work – 10 mins
Strength conditioning load – 20 mins
Speed agility work – 10 mins
Warm down (low intensity cardio, foam rolling & stretching) - 5 mins

Monitoring Student Progress

  • Pre and post program testing 
  • Training diary (including wellness reports) 
  • Holistic approach (mind, body and soul)
  • Feedback (written & verbal) 

Time Commitment

There will be two weekly training sessions 
Monday: 3:45pm-5pm Wednesday: 6:45am-8am (breakfast supplied)


This cost will cover:
Coaching (2 sessions per week)
Breakfast after morning training session

Selection Criteria

Consistently demonstrate the expected behaviours across all areas of Emmanuel College
High achievement level in chosen sport
Strong commitment to training and improvement

Application Process

Interested students to complete and submit electronic application form by Friday 20 November
This will include the following information:
  • Sporting background
  • Personal statement
  • Goals for the future (including potential career pathway)
  • Signed by parent/guardian

Interactive Application Form

Please download and complete the application form, then save and send via email to [email protected]


Mr Michael Clements [email protected]