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The College is delighted to share that we exceeded our goal of $150,000 for the 2022 Transforming Lives Appeal raising $173,139. We would like to sincerely thank our generous supporters including parents, staff and Alumni who have shared in our vision of providing an opportunity for all to experience an Emmanuel education. 
For those that wish to understand more about our Transforming Lives Appeal please see Peter Morgan’s letter below and the thoughts of one of our generous alumni, Steve Callaghan on why he is motivated to contribute on an ongoing basis. 
It’s never too late to contribute to our Scholarship Program.

Principal’s Invitation to Transform Lives

"In my ten years as Principal at Emmanuel College, I’ve seen many talented young people thrive with the help of our scholarship program"

As a valued member of the College community, I’m sure you feel as strongly as I do that education is a foundation for a successful and fulfilling life. You have no doubt seen for yourself the dynamic learning environment and the strong culture of achievement, aspiration, and success Emmanuel College provides.

I am writing today to ask for your support to give more bright but disadvantaged students the chance to benefit from the Emmanuel College environment and culture.

I need help from kind members of the Emmanuel College community to raise $150,000 for the scholarships program.

I’m hoping I can count on your kind support today to help reach that target. You can give a bright young person access to a good education and the transformative possibilities it opens up.

As you will be well aware, Warrnambool is a diverse community with families from a variety of backgrounds. Many of those families want to give their children an education at Emmanuel College, but find the cost difficult to manage. Two years of lockdowns and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has only made it tougher for those families.

Your donation today can help break down those financial barriers and create opportunities for students who would otherwise be unable to attend the College. With a donation of any amount, you can help unlock the potential of young people from all walks of life.

You will also be helping to ensure the College remains an inclusive environment, welcoming students from all backgrounds who share our commitment to excellence.

Past student Steve Callaghan understands the value of an education at Emmanuel better than most. Steve says he has fond memories of his time here.

“I had a great experience at Emmanuel. I made lifelong friends and was fortunate to be taught by some great teachers.

“I struggled a bit with English and had to get additional help. The College was so good in that way. They helped me get good results, and get into Uni.”

After graduating, Steve went on to enjoy a successful career in accounting before returning to run the family business in Warrnambool. His story is a powerful example of the opportunities an education at Emmanuel College can provide.

You can read more of Steve’s story in a leaflet I have included with this letter.

Steve’s children are now studying at Emmanuel College where he is also serving as a member of the Emmanuel College Foundation, something he says is a great honour.

“The College community has been so good to me, and it’s good to be able to give something back in terms of time and energy.”

Steve says reflecting on his time at Emmanuel College – and the opportunities it provided him – inspired him to donate towards our scholarship program.

“It was about wanting to create a legacy for the future. I wanted to give underprivileged kids an opportunity they may not have had.”

Like Steve, I believe all young people deserve the chance to achieve their potential through education. And I believe the most powerful way to do that is by offering more scholarships to attend and study at Emmanuel College in Warrnambool.

Your tax deductible gift will help me raise the $150,000 needed to give more talented but disadvantaged students the chance to pursue their passions, dreams and goals.

When you give a young person the gift of a good education, it doesn’t just benefit them. It benefits everyone in our community. I hope that inspires you to give generously today.

Thank you for the contribution you make to our College community. If you have any questions about our scholarship program – or the difference your gift will make – please don’t hesitate to contact our Foundation Executive Officer, Alison Byrne on 0488 254 007 or [email protected].

Yours sincerely,

Peter Morgan
Emmanuel College, Warrnambool

My Emmanuel College Story

"If you’re anything like me, Emmanuel College will have provided you and your family with great opportunities that set you up for life"

My Emmanuel College story

Steve Callaghan

I loved my time as a student at Christian Brothers College (CBC), now Emmanuel College. I was fortunate to be taught by some great teachers who brought out the best in me and instilled a love of learning. I also formed lifelong friendships and got the chance to pursue my passion for sport.

At CBC I got the individual support I needed to thrive. I struggled a bit with English, but with some extra help from my teachers I managed to get good results and enrol at Uni. That set me up for success in the years that followed.

After school I studied accounting and spent six years living and working in Melbourne. Warrnambool will always be home for me though, and after a while I felt a strong urge to come back and work in the family business, Callaghan Motors. I’ve never looked back.

There was never any doubt in my mind about where I wanted my kids to go to school. I wanted them to have the same experiences and opportunities I had, so I enrolled them at Emmanuel College. They’re as happy there as I was. As a parent, that’s the most important thing for me.

It was an absolute honour to be invited to join the Emmanuel College Foundation Board. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to give back to a school that has played such an important role in shaping the person I am today and giving me a life that I love.

I chose to donate to the College’s scholarship program because I wanted to provide better opportunities for the next generation. Warrnambool is a pretty resilient community, but there’s a lot of hidden hardship here.

I believe education is the key for personal growth and to getting people out of poverty. It helps people find their passion, follow their dreams and contribute to their communities.

I hope you’ll consider joining me in donating towards Emmanuel College’s scholarship program today. Your gift will give underprivileged kids an opportunity to learn and grow that they may not have otherwise had.

As you’re considering a donation, I urge you to think about your own education and what it meant to you. If you’re anything like me, Emmanuel College will have provided you and your family with great opportunities that set you up for life.

I hope that makes you want to share those same opportunities with disadvantaged young people who deserve the chance to pursue their dreams and goals. I hope it inspires you to share the gift of education by investing in scholarships at Emmanuel College today.

Thank you

Steve Callaghan

Our Scholarship Programme provides opportunities for talented and deserving students from all walks of life to access the exceptional educational experience available at Emmanuel College. Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of Emmanuel values and our scholarship program enables us to increase access for the Warrnambool and district community and enrich diversity at the College