Years 8 to 10

In Year 8 we continue a strong emphasis on core (compulsory) units so that there is a real focus on the academic program. Literacy, Numeracy and Study Skills are further developed into a strong foundation for the senior years.

By Year 9 students are expected to become increasingly self-reliant in their learning. They have had a chance to sample all areas of study and have gained an understanding of their own particular areas of interest and ability. While students are encouraged to pursue their own special interests they are required to study a set number of units so that their options for senior years and further education remain broad. Students receive help in choosing their elective units of study and a Careers Advisor is also at the service of students who need advice.

There are also additional programs for those students requiring extension or enrichment challenges and initiatives, such as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Program, Debating, Public Speaking, Science Club, Chess Club and Frayne Speech Festival.

Students are able to pursue their own special interests, but we do ensure that students receive a broad education. In Years 8 to 10 students need to complete a required number of units from areas of study so that their options are not narrowed as they move through to the senior years of school and often onto higher education. Students will study core plus elective subjects over the three years. This will give students a strong foundation on which to build their future studies and also to pursue subject areas of special interest.


Many students are gifted in some way. Students with a talent in a particular area of study have the opportunity to work at a higher level but we believe it is important that they stay within their social infrastucture and are not isolated from their peers - extension within the classroom is the best option. Students in Year 10 will also have access to the VCE /VET timetable, so where possible, this will enable students to complete a sequence of Senior studies early.


Along with Acceleration, there is the opportunity to take units that allow extra time for consolidation at a less advanced level. Programs such as Bridging Maths cater for the students who need special assistance in the area of numeracy. Students who require extra support with their literacy skills have the benefit of a literacy support person in Humanities classes at Year 7. This provides assistance whilst keeping the student in the class with their peers. At Year 8, by invitation, students can participate in a Literacy Support program.

Information is correct June 2020. All programs are subject to change.