Class of 1999 - 20 Year Reunion


Cally Hotel

The date has been set!

Calling all classmates that attended Emmanuel College at some point with the class that started in Year 7 in 1994, going through to graduation in 1999. Time has flown! It’s hard to believe that it has almost been 20 years since the last of us finished school. We were part of the generation where the Internet and emails became part school and home life and the bands we listened to are now doing come back tours. 

Like the musicians of the 90s, we thought we would also get the band back together! We are organising a casual reunion to catch up! Help us make it a success by reaching out to our other classmates that aren't yet on the invite list. Everyone who attended Emmanuel College with our group is welcome to attend, we are not at all about it being exclusive to those that graduated. If you're part of the crew, it won't be the same without you and your school memories there. 

Stay up to date with the details as the come about by joining the Facebook group and ensure you have you contact details up to date with us so we can send you an invitation.  Your contact details can be updated at: