Class of 1998 - 20 Year Reunion


Cally Hotel

Time has flown! It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the Class of 1998 finished school. We were part of the generation where the Internet and emails became part school and home life and the bands we listened to are now doing come back tours. Like the musicians of the 90s, we thought we would also get the band back together! 

School Tour

Departing from The Emmanuel Centre, 
Botanic Road, East Entry, 2:00pm


Cally Hotel Courtyard (112 Fairy St) 7:30pm  
Tickets: $20 (includes a drink & finger food) Buy tickets online at:
Partners welcome.

Everyone who attended Emmanuel College with our group is welcome to attend, we are not at all about it being exclusive to those that graduated, but anyone who attended one of: 
Year 7 in 1993 
Year 8 in 1994 
Year 9 in 1995 
Year 10 in 1996
Year 11 in 1997 
If you're part of the crew, it won't be the same without you and your school memories there.  

To receive an official invitation to the reunion, ensure you update your mailing details at Emmanuel College.  You can do this by: 
Linking here - 
Emailing your details to  - [email protected] 
Contacting the College on 03 5560 0888 and asking to speak to Candice Hampstead, Alumni Coordinator.

Stay up to date with the reunion details as they evolve by joining the Facebook group “Emmanuel College Class of 1998” at: – have a look and see if you can add anyone who’s not already there! 

RSVP via the Facebook event or by contacting:
Steph Moloney (Egan) 
[email protected] or 0433 093 033
Anna Harris (McSwain) 
[email protected] or 0413 183 831
Regina Lane 
[email protected] or 0450 053 815