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College Captain

Ashley Evans

Emmanuel College Captain, Ashley Evans is driven by her vision of ensuring that Emmanuel College continues to strive to achieve its maximum potential. She has a great passion for teamwork, collaborating with both teachers and peers to achieve the best outcomes for the College community. The key to good student leadership, says Ashley, is “setting goals that are both effective and achievable. It’s important not to let the original goals get lost in the process, and to constantly monitor our progress. The relationships between teaching and learning, wellbeing and personal development and faith and justice are interconnected and need to be looked at holistically if we want sustainable growth and development.”

Being a leader in the time of COVID has presented unique challenges and creativity has been required. Ashley has created video messages to our community and has enjoyed writing messages to local aged care residents to contribute towards lessening the isolation of lockdowns. Giving back to the community is an aspect of College life that Ashley takes seriously. “It’s part of the Emmanuel College ethos that I think is very important.”

Sport is another interest for Ashley and she has represented the College at local, regional and state levels in netball, cross country and athletics. “For me, sport adds to my wellbeing, health and sense of community and belonging.” When she is not playing, Ashley volunteers in umpiring netball, coaching for Aussie Hoops and umpiring all-ability netball locally and at state titles.

“To be a voice for others”, says Ashley, “to contribute to the student voice at Emmanuel - that has been the greatest privilege.”