Our Sister & Partner Schools

Understanding languages and culture through relationships and exchange

Second languages are the key to a global mindset. Emmanuel College has developed strong partnerships and sister school relationships with schools overseas.
These inter-school relationships complement the Language Study Tour Programs and allow Emmanuel students unique opportunities to: immerse themselves in language and culture, participate in exchange programs and to welcome students from overseas into their own homes, College and community. 

Our Sister School - Oberlin High School

Emmanuel College first signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sister School Oberlin High School in Tokyo in 2008 but the relationship between the two schools dates back over 20 years. Students from the two schools have the opportunity to participate in an exchange in alternate years. 

The Sister school relationship provides Emmanuel students a valuable immersion experience in the language and culture of Japan, attending school at Oberlin High and staying with a host family along with some tourist travel as a group. In alternate years Emmanuel families have the opportunity to host a student from Oberlin and benefit from the cultural exchange. See the Language Study Tour section of this website in the Unique Programs section for more information on Study Tours. Students can excel when they are offered the opportunity to immerse themselves in language and culture.

Along with our Sister School, Emmanuel College has established partnerships with the following schools: 

Collège Louis Leprince-Ringuet

Collège Louis Leprince-Ringuet in Gènas near Lyon, France is a junior high school, enrolling students from the equivalent of
Years 7 to 10. Emmanuel students are offered a one-week exchange.

Lycèe Pierre-Marie Thèas

Lyceè  Pierre-Marie Thèas is located in Mantauban, France.
Emmanuel students are offered an extended exchange program from November to January each year. 

Lycèe Alain Chartier

This school is the larger of two high schools located in the city of Bayeux, France. Emmanuel students visit this school on the French Language and Cultural Study Tour.
Emmanuel students are offered a one-week exchange program. The host families are extremely generous in their efforts to make our students feel 
welcome, taking their guests on visits to surrounding areas during the weekend.

Tokiwamatsu High School

Tokiwamatsu High School is located in Tokyo. Emmanuel College hosts Tokiwamatsu students in term 1 every year.

AHHA school - Atauro Island, Timor Leste

Emmanuel College has established an ongoing relationship with the people of Atauro Island in East Timor. Each year, the students of Year 12 are invited to take part in an alternative 'schoolies' program where our students engage in two-way learning. Emmanuel students commit to fundraising and make a contribution to the community by completing project work during their stay. The program involves two-way learning where Emmanuel students gain an insight into culture and life on  Atauro Island.

The Ruben Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

Emmanuel College has a friendship with the Ruben Centre, which operates programs providing health, education and social
development services for the people of the Mukuru slum which houses about 900,000 people in inhuman conditions. The centre consists of a:
primary school with over 2,000 students
medical clinic with around 200 patients per day
community development unit which works collaboratively with the local people in the villages
vocational training facility which provides opportunities for skills in dressmaking and knitting. 

Past student and Emmanuel Inspiring Alumni member, Br Frank O'Shea is the Director of the Centre. Emmanuel College supports the Ruben Centre through: fundraising by our students, voluntary payroll contributions by staff members and staff members volunteering at the centre during school holidays.


Miura is a sister city  to Warrnambool. Each year Emmanuel College, in partnership with the City of Warrnambool, hosts visitors from Miura. The City of Miura provides a language assistant to
the College for a one-year stay each year.