Talen Galbraith

Talen Galbraith

Drums & Percussion

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About Talen Galbraith

Talen Galbraith is a professional drummer and drum kit tutor. Playing from a young age, he has taken his craft to a professional level since 2012 and began working as a full time Musician. He studied drum kit and music performance in VCE, went on to complete Level 5 of the ANZCA Drum Kit syllabus, and is currently studying level 6. 

He is a passionate drum teacher at Drum Drum in Warrnambool, boasting 30+ students across all skill levels and ages groups.

 Talen has had much experience in the music business from playing pubs, clubs, venues and festivals around Australia. He has played with many different musicians with broad styles of music, completed studio work with bands who have received national airplay, and experienced semi-acoustic gigs through to full production shows.  

Currently playing and writing in an original outfit ‘Blackwood Jack’, he has gained the skills to perform at small venues through to festival circuits, support national acts or headline shows, and understands the social networking skills required to progress in the original live music business.

Talen enjoys sharing his knowledge of drum kit and percussion, teaching in a wide variety of styles, theory, notation and an understanding of the history and origin of the drum kit.