Airlie Tait

Airlie Tait


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About Airlie Tait

Airlie Tait has been teaching flute for more than 30 years, currently boasting private and group students across three secondary colleges in the area. Airlie has taught in a variety of schools across the state, and has completed flute syllabus exams to a high level.

She has performed professionally as a soloist, as a member of bands and ensembles, and in concerts and festivals all around Australia. She also plays piano, is a skilled bagpipe player, and is a member of the Warrnambool Pipe Band.

Airlie has a passion for teaching her students to enjoy the music that they are playing- and giving them the skills to play music that they love! Enabling students to discover the joy of playing music is what she loves about being a music tutor.

Here at Emmanuel, Airlie teaches both ensemble and solo flute.