Enrolment Overview

Parents are encouraged to submit an Application for Enrolment as soon as possible for Year 7 in 2021 and beyond. An early application can help you to be successful in the application process.

Enquiries about applying for enrolment in all year levels are  welcome and you can book a tour at any time throughout the year.

Please contact Margaret Moloney - College Registrar - for all enrolment enquiries:

email: registrar@emmanuel.vic.edu.au or phone 5560 0895

The enrolment application process is as follows:

Please feel free to contact our Registrar - Mrs Margaret Moloney - who will guide you through the simple enrolment process.

Step 1: Submit an application to enrol and pay an application fee of $100. This fee is fully rebated - meaning that the $100 will be credited to your College fee account after the enrolment process is completed. In the event that a place is not able to be offered, (which is unlikely to affect any families with other children already at the College), the fee will be refunded. However in the event that you later change your mind and decide not to accept an offer of enrolment, the fee is non-refundable.

Step 2: In order to accept a place that is offered, you need to pay a further $100 acceptance fee. This fee will also be credited to your College fee account and is also non-refundable should you decide that the student will not start school at Emmanuel College.

This change was introduced by the Emmanuel College Board of Management in an effort to discourage non-genuine applicants from proceeding with the enrolment process. This should help to shorten waiting lists and give serious applicants the chance of a faster offer of enrolment, which will enable both the prospective students and the College to plan for the year ahead.


If the payment of application fees presents any hardship, please do not hesitate to contact the Principal Mr Peter Morgan.

As there are more applications than places available, the College has devised an Enrolment Policy, whereby the criteria is followed in order to prioritise the allocation of places. Academic achievement is not a factor considered in the Enrolment Policy.