Duke of Edinburghs Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an international leadership in action program, available to all young people aged between fourteen and twenty-five. Emmanuel College makes this program available to students from Year 9 onwards.

Through completing the program, participants have opportunities to reach goals and develop skills such as goal setting, teamwork, decision-making and leadership. In addition to earning an internationally recognised award, participants are able to provide evidence of extracurricular activity, which can be attractive to employers and give an edge when seeking vocational and employment opportunities.

Being voluntary, flexible, non-competitive, balanced, progressive, challenging and most of all enjoyable, it provides an opportunity for young people to achieve personal excellence and build self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-motivation and respect for others via their involvement in service, skill, physical recreation and expedition activities.

Participants undertaking their Gold Award are also expected to complete a Residential Project.  

The Award Program was first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1956 as The Duke of Edinburgh's Award as a means to encourage and motivate young people over the age of 14 years to become involved in a balanced program of voluntary self-development activities.

The Program was designed with great care by a small team, whose main members included HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Doctor Kurt Hahn, educationalist and founder of Outward Bound and the United World Colleges, and Lord Hunt, the famous adventurer and leader of the first team to conquer Mount Everest. 

Almost as soon as it was launched in the United Kingdom, schools and youth groups in other countries adopted the Award. The Program now reaches over 100 countries and provides the motivation to undertake a variety of voluntary and challenging self-development activities. 

The Awards are offered in three levels: Bronze – for those 14 and over; Silver – for those 15 and over and Gold – for those 16 and over.