About Emmanuel

Peter Morgan

A Welcome from the Principal

In the Catholic Church 2013 has been designated the year of faith; a time in which each one of us is called to rediscover the invitation to faith in a loving God revealed to us by his son Jesus Christ. This is appropriate for all of us at Emmanuel College as we are a learning community built upon the faith traditions and the values of Catherine McAuley and Edmund Rice. We continue to be encouraged and challenged by the faith of those sisters and brothers who came before us laying the foundations for what we know as Emmanuel College today.

As we continue to build upon the strong foundations of those who came before us, the year ahead promises to be an exciting one. Emmanuel College has grown significantly in recent years. In 2013 we look forward to a year of consolidation; a year to strengthen those things we do well and a year to develop those areas we wish to refine.

For all those new to the Emmanuel community this year I trust you will feel especially welcome. As your journey begins I hope you will feel a sense of belonging and see in the school you have selected for your sons and daughters a place where they will make new and enduring friendships, thrive upon their learning experiences and participate fully in the myriad of opportunities that will allow them to discover their own unique strengths and talents.

For those continuing their Emmanuel journey I thank you for your past support and seek your ongoing commitment to building an outstanding learning community. Each year brings new demands and 2013 will reveal its own diverse challenges. Your continuing support for the work of our teachers and the education support staff of Emmanuel College will enable us to grow and help to build a vibrant and dynamic place of learning for our children.

New to the Warrnambool and Emmanuel communities myself, I appreciate the warm welcome my wife Marie and I have both received. I look forward to your ongoing friendship as we settle our family and establish our home in Warrnambool.

Education is an evolutionary process. It's one in which we constantly refine our practices or else risk becoming irrelevant. Even the language of education is changing. Today we focus less on teaching and more on learning as we recognise each of us has the capacity to continue learning throughout our lives. Today we live in the information age and that demands new skills and different approaches especially high levels of technology literacy. Despite the myriad changes within education and the world in which we live, the underlying values that distinguish Emmanuel College remain the same. Throughout 2013 we will value and promote individual wellbeing, quality relationships, academic performance and community involvement. I welcome you aboard the journey and hope it is as rewarding as it is demanding.

Peter Morgan